What is a Tiny Wedding?

Mini..petite...styled elopements...whatever you want to call it, Tiny Weddings has changed how couples get hitched in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex!

... it's innovative. Why have the kind of wedding as everyone else? Or why just elope/do Vegas/go to the courthouse? We bridge the gap between doing All The Things and eloping.

... it's uncomplicated. We provide a done-for-you wedding experience, very little planning on your part needed. Short and sweet, we get you married and celebrate with minimal fuss!

... it's economical. We are committed to keeping the cost low. Spend your money on a great vacation, a house, or (less fun) that nagging student debt.

... it's environmentally-friendly. By splitting the costs of the venue and vendors with other couples on your wedding day, you can help minimize waste of materials, resources, and time.

... it's well-executed. Building on years of experience planning weddings, we assemble a team of established wedding pros for each TWD date. You get top-notch design and experience for a fraction of their regular costs!

... it's all about our great city, Dallas! We are committed to showing off what Dallas and Fort Worth have to offer - beautiful and unique spaces and the best wedding pros!

How Does This Work?

1. You check out the open dates and times available here and choose what works for you.

2. You let your loved ones know, shop for fancy attire (but only if you want to go fancy!), and we work on all the details.

3. When your Tiny Wedding day comes around, show up with your people (don't forget the marriage license!).

4. You say "I do", we pop the bubbly and serve some yummy treats, and you enjoy.

5. After the celebrations, we send you on your married way to continue festivities however you'd like!


Serving Dallas & Fort Worth